Unite Your Sufferings to the Triumphant Cross of Christ Jesus

The time is NOW!

PLEASE help promote the Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears with me… the Poor Clare Colettines wrote reflections regarding the need and beauty of this prayer for ALL faithful, not just married couples…

We all suffer and we all have loss…. This ministry is so much bigger than we can imagine… and it has nothing to do with a website or Facebook but uniting our own personal sufferings to Our Lord’s TRIUMPHANT CROSS!

God will use our sufferings as we unite them in prayer!

Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears

Morning Reflection

Silence of Jesus

Silence of Jesus is one of the most admirable characteristics found in the life of Jesus Christ, our Master and our Model, is silence. All the mysteries of His mortal life and the ineffable mystery of His eucharistic life have this mark: the divine seal of silence. Holy Church tells us that Jesus came to …

Source: Silence of Jesus