Miraculous Waters at Lourdes

Today marks the anniversary that St. Bernadette was asked to bath in the fountain of water requested by Our Lady.  Bernadette of course was very confused but obeyed what she was asked to do. Miracles beyond our understanding, this is what Bernadette experience especially during the 9th apparition at Lourdes. In all of history God the Father has asked his children to believe in that which is difficult to understand, trust in the one that is unseen.

“Bernadette Soubirous was from a poor family in Lourdes, France, at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains. On the evening of Thursday, February 11, 1858, at the age of 14, she went to gather firewood with her sister and a friend, and stopped at a grotto by a stream. Fearful because of her asthma, she hesitated while the others crossed the chilly waters to the other side. She described in her own words what happened then:

“I had just begun to take off my first stocking when suddenly I heard a great noise like the sound of a storm. I looked to the right and to the left, under the trees of the river, but nothing moved; I thought I was mistaken. I went on taking off my shoes and stockings, when I heard a fresh noise like the first. Then I was frightened and stood straight up. I lost all power of speech and thought when, turning my head toward the grotto, I saw at one of the openings of the rock a bush – only one – moving as if it were very windy.

Almost at the same time, there came out of the interior of the grotto a golden coloured cloud, and soon after a Lady, young and beautiful, exceedingly beautiful, the like of whom I had never seen before, came and placed herself at the entrance of the opening, above the rose bush. She looked at me immediately, smiled at me and signed to me to advance, as if She had been my Mother. All fear had left me, but I seemed to know no longer where I was. I rubbed my eyes, I shut them, I opened them; but the Lady was still there continuing to smile at me and making me understand that I was not mistaken. Without thinking of what I was doing I took my Rosary in my hands and went on my knees.

The Lady made with Her head a sign of approval and Herself took into Her hands a Rosary which hung on Her right arm. When I attempted to begin the Rosary and tried to lift my hand to my forehead, my arm remained paralysed, and it was only after the Lady had signed Herself that I could do the same. The Lady left me to pray all alone; She passed the beads of Her Rosary between Her fingers but She said nothing; only at the end of each decade did She say the Gloria with me. When the recitation of the Rosary was finished, the Lady returned to the interior of the rock and the golden coloured cloud disappeared with Her.”

Bernadette met ridicule when the word spread about the episode. At first forbidden to return to the grotto, her mother gave in 3 days later, and she received a second visit from the Lady at the nearby grotto of Massabieille. She returned Thursday February 18 for a third apparition, and the Lady asked her if she would return daily for fifteen days. In all Bernadette received 18 visits from the Lady, from Thursday, February 11 to Friday July 16, 1858.

During the sixth apparition on Sunday February 21, 1858, the Lady asked her to pray for sinners, and on the eighth apparition on Wednesday February 24, Bernadette appeared sad and cried out her first public message, Penitence, penitence, penitence. It was during the ninth apparition on Thursday, February 25, 1858, that she was directed to “Drink from the fountain and bathe in it.” This was puzzling, for there was no fountain there at Massabieille. But she began digging, and a small pool began forming. By the next day, the pool was overflowing, and the water was forming a stream over the rocks.”

Source: http://www.maryourmother.net/Lourdes.html

Catherine Laboure and My Story of Healing

Saint Catherine Laboure is remembered on various calendars, the old calendar of the Church was remembered on November 25, and the new calendar she is celebrated on November 28th. No matter what day she is remembered, we should never forget the vision she was given of Our Lady and the Miraculous Medal. This medal can be a treasure to help you in moments of struggle for we are to wear this medal with faith, and also a heart of prayer. My thoughts of St. Catherine Laboure, bring me a sence of joy as she has become someone very close to my heart. As Saint Catherine received the vision of the Miraculous Medal, which is powerful and miraculous as I can personally attest to.
Why is she so special to me you ask?
Well I’ll tell you, three years ago on this Thanksgiving day, November 27, which is also a day in memory of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. I experienced a healing which I will never forget! For about one month I endured an episode which took half of my vision. My left eye wondered away from focus, so in that sense all I was seeing was double vision. I wondered throughout my home and life with one good eye and a pirates patch over the other. I had to rely on everyone for help, as I was unable to drive myself anywhere. This was a challenge for such an independent soul.

I had many people praying for me (whom I thank so very much still) and with each new day, I kept hearing a prompting from the Lord to begin a Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which I continued until the day I was healed, November 27, 2005. This event would change my whole life as well as my husband’s, as he was the one that told me that my eye was back and focused… this was our personal miracle as he was by my side each day supporting me in my struggle.
As I was prompted to pray this novena a few years ago, I am now feeling that same prompting to share this story with you all. I must tell you in the grief of loosing your physical vision, the worst possible thing that can ever happen to a soul is loosing the vision of faith, hope and love. No, matter what you may be struggling with today, please give thanks to the Lord and seek Him in every way possible. As I struggled through this time and continued to pray, the Lord showed me through prayer and silence that He would use everything for His good! and He has and still is today.

This experience has taught me that God himself has a vision for each one of us, for He loves us as individuals. You are precious in His sight! Never forget that!!! He did not lie to me, his gift to me was to restore my sight on the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. I continue to praise Him for this gift and I feel this is also a gift that I must share with you all. Please continue to seek the Lord, even if life seems dry and barren. This is when He is closest to you! Remember in your sufferings, you are not alone!!!
If any of you have a personal story to share with us about the Miraculous Medal, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section of this post. We look forward to hearing from you.
Please continue to place your trust in Him who is our all! I feel this event is what has truly brought the vision of Hannah’s Tears, for the Lord has a plan in each of our lives, and it is unfolding with each new day. Remember the power of prayer works wonders!!!
God bless you,
Hannah’s Tears

Intercessor and Founder

Happy Thanksgiving!

O Mary Conceived Without Sin Pray for Us Who Have Recourse to Thee.
The Miraculous Medal shows Mary with arms outstretched and open. In many ways this image shows what Mary said to the Angel Gabriel – “Behold the handmaid of the Lord”. This could be another image of her great openness to God, her great “Fiat” – “Let it be done to me according to your word.”
Prayer of St. Catherine Laboure

Whenever I go to the chapel, I put myself in the presence of our good Lord, and I say to him “Lord, I am here. Tell me what you would have me do.”

If he gives me some task, I am content and I thank him. If he gives me nothing, I still thank him since I do not deserve to receive anything more than that. And then, I tell God everything that is in my heart.
I tell him about my pains and my joys,and then I listen. If you listen, God will also speak to you, for with the good Lord, you have to both speak and listen. God always speaks to you when you approach him plainly and simply.