Treating the Sacred with RESPECT

We must get this message to the youth, that they are a treasure that is unique and special and their lives must seek the love of Christ as we are made in the image of the one who is sacred we too are sacred. This is why our vote today is so very important, we must make a stand for life and not take it lightly, we must protect the unborn and the laws that will be made in this country. We must stand for the gift of life, family and marriage. Others make their choices but we must make a stand for what is true!

Bl. John Paul pray for us…



“The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb are a contemplative community that enables girls with Down’s syndrome to respond to a religious vocation.”


“We follow every day the ‘little way’ taught by Saint Therese; knowing that ‘great actions are forbidden to us’, we learn from her to receive everything from God, to ‘love for the brothers who fight’, to ‘scatter flowers for Jesus’, and to pray for the intentions entrusted to us.”

Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb via Laodicea
Little Sisters with Big Grins via The Anchoress