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A simple soul trying to follow the will of God through the teachings of the Catholic Church and praying for those God sends on the journey of life one day at a time. Called to be a companion a long the way of the Cross to pray and bring hope. God has blessed me through this journey as a lay Carmelite, also through the cross of secondary infertility, chronic illness and serving each beautiful soul the Good Shepherd sends to this ministry. As I continue to seek our Lord's holy will I find joy and healing through serving HIM and seeking HIM. May all who seek support in this Ministry find HOPE and MERCY in the plan that only God the Father knows. God bless you always, Therese Garcia, ocds Hannah's Tears Ministry Companion

Morning Reflection

Dear Little hearts,

One thing about the Message Bible it allows us to see very clearly the humanity of the ‘actors’ in various biblical passages, I have always considered it to be an excellent commentary to a more scholarly translation.

Certainly it has brought the word alive for thousands who otherwise couldn’t find the key to get in !! God bless Eugene Peterson the author may he rest in peace.

In todays Gospel passage Peter asks the very human question, what’s in it for us. In other words he asks a question that all followers of Jesus at sometime or another may ask themselves, very, very human. So far where Peter was concerned the call had brought exhaustion, hunger, abuse and ridicule from many.

Christ would teach his disciples that following him would involve the cross, it would involve a suffering love even unto death, but here Jesus unveils the other side of the coin, there will be for those who are faithful an abundance of blessings, and this is so true even in this life.

To walk with the Lord brings joy beyond description and a hope like none other, that of eternal life, dwelling in eternal love.

The rich that Christ is referring to in this Gospel were those who had hoarded up money at the expense and impoverishment of others, those who would do nothing to help others. Those unwilling to share. It is not the fact of the existence of riches but the persons attitude to what they have and whether they are willing to use it for the benefit of others.

Excessive riches corrupt and often lead those who possess them on a downward path, in one sense what do they gain for it all? There is no comparison with a a rich , affluent life and a life lived close to God, close to the earth and others in simplicity.

Pray today for those truly poor people whose riches are their greatest poverty.


Matthew 19:23-30

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The Lord Is My Salvation

There may be a time some may tell you, “You have to do what you have to do to have your own way” because that is what they did. Please know that this is a temptation to cause you to fall, run the other way, run to Jesus and Mary, do not listen to the lies. Remember how Jesus was tempted in the Desert? So we shall also be tempted, because we are to be tried in the fire of HIS grace, be still, and call on JESUS, answers will come in a still quiet voice within your very own heart. I promise!

As for ME, I will follow the Lord and HIS Church on Earth for the Lord is my salvation!