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A simple soul trying to follow the will of God through the teachings of the Catholic Church and praying for those God sends on the journey of life one day at a time. Called to be a companion a long the way of the Cross to pray and bring hope. God has blessed me through this journey as a lay Carmelite, also through the cross of secondary infertility, chronic illness and serving each beautiful soul the Good Shepherd sends to this ministry. As I continue to seek our Lord's holy will I find joy and healing through serving HIM and seeking HIM. May all who seek support in this Ministry find HOPE and MERCY in the plan that only God the Father knows. God bless you always, Therese Garcia, ocds Hannah's Tears Ministry Companion

Springs in the Desert Facebook post – Infertility Spiritual Support

“Elisabeth Leseur struggled with #infertility and health issues throughout her #marriage to Felix, but her love of of God and desire to serve Him only grew deeper through her suffering. We love this quote from her diary that expresses how she served God through #hospitality and #spiritualmotherhood by making her home a place of love.

Join us in JULY for our Women at the Well virtual book club on the Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur – more details will be posted soon! ๐Ÿ“”๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Š

“The home – that marvelous word because of all it expresses of sweetness, affection, intimacy, and charm. I want to make my home a center of light, fine and generous ideas, and deep feeling; to make it loved by Felix and by many young people, upon whom it might exercise an enlivening influence.” Elisabeth Leseur, The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur.”


Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears Rosary Makers




Please note that anyone selling the Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears is supplying a personal service and has offered their talents as a gift/business. The Apostolate of Hannah’s Tears ministry is only providing prayer and networking support, we do not receive any financial funding from the chaplet makers we are only providing the information.

Please support this ministry by promoting the CHAPLET of HANNAH’S TEARS and please consider praying for those who pray for you.

God bless YOU