Chaplet Beads

Please let us know if any of you supply the chaplet of Hannah’s Tears like my dear friend Jeanine, if you would like a beautiful gift to share with a family member or friend who is suffering, please see the links below.  Our ministry is supported by rosary makers like Heart Felt Rosaries, please share your site with us below, or if you find a site you like also please share.  Thank you for your support!









5 thoughts on “Chaplet Beads

  1. Thank you for this beautiful ministry. I have a friend who is a Dula and has clientel that have received poor diagnosis of their unborn children. She has a client right now that is due anytime and her unborn baby has been diagnosed with a major heart defect and a still birth is very likely. I would love to share this ministry and a supply of these chaplet beads for her to share with these beautiful mothers and their babies. Please let me know and God Bless your service.


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  3. God bless you Theresa, you may of course pray the chaplet without prayer beads… There are no rules regarding this prayer, just allow the Holy Spirit to lift you that you may receive hope, healing and peace.

    God bless you


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