Prayers of Hannah


I was recently made aware of Nicole Roccas, PhD, newest book Under the Laurel Tree” which is available now on Amazon and Audible.

“Infertility ranks among the hardest griefs a couple can face. Yet this painful issue is all too often neglected in both Church and society. Under the Laurel Tree traces one God-fearing couple’s journey through the emotional turmoil of childlessness. By following the story of Saints Joachim and Anna, this book helps individuals and couples navigate the loss inherent in infertility amid the pain of shame, separation, anger, bargaining, and blamelessness. In walking alongside Joachim and Anna, we encounter not only a life-giving template for grief, but also the path back to ourselves, our partner, and our God-given vocation of eucharistic thanksgiving.” Nicole Roccas

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God’s words to my heart many years ago: “This ministry is BIGGER than what you think and NOT what you think”. Truly it is a work being done in each faithful heart to reach beyond the depths of physical fertility to the roots of a deeper spiritual fertility.

Praised be Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne & Joachim…..

Seeking the Hidden Sweetness

A note that was received in our email today from our dear Poor Clare Colettine Nuns from Wales, UK.  They are one of our religious orders that support our mission to pray for all of you who ask for prayer and intercession.  Please always know that YOU are never alone!

“Taste The Hidden sweetness

Which God himself  has reserved

From the beginning

For those who love HIM”

(St Clare)

Dear Little hearts,

 In the Franciscan tradition the words sweet, sweetness, used in reference to Jesus Christ, To God, are very familiar.

In the writings of Francis and Clare, and many of the early Franciscan writers, this is a well understood concept, and a very beautiful one.

Sweetness in Franciscan understanding is not about sugar and sentimentality, it is about seeking and experiencing the very essence of Our God, that which is love.

Let us explore together and as the Holy Spirit will lead us and for however long or short a time He may inspire us, to ‘seek the hidden sweetness’

At the heart of all love there is a hidden sweetness, a sweetness that we can experience even amidst suffering and pain, the sweetness of  God’s presence, inspiration…. simply the awareness that HE IS!

Let us seek the hidden sweetness in  God’s Word, in Clare and Francis, in the relationships that are part of our daily lives.

Ever insect, bee, butterfly and bird knows that  the ‘hidden sweetness’ is at the very heart of the flower. It has to be sought after, and it takes effort and application to find it — but the rewards are great and forth the nectar which sustains life!!!

It is the same in seeking the sweetness of God it is to be found in the depths of HIS HEART, in his love. Tomorrow we will continue seeking…

Your loving little sisters




Christians and Jews alike from ancient times have concluded all their prayers with “AMEN” thereby saying, “YES SO BE IT”.

When a person says AMEN to his word, AMEN to his life and his destiny, AMEN to the joy that awaits him, then heaven and earth come together and we are at the goal with the love that created us in the beginning .

The AMEN of our faith is not death but LIFE.