Prayers of Hannah


I was recently made aware of Nicole Roccas, PhD, newest book Under the Laurel Tree” which is available now on Amazon and Audible.

“Infertility ranks among the hardest griefs a couple can face. Yet this painful issue is all too often neglected in both Church and society. Under the Laurel Tree traces one God-fearing couple’s journey through the emotional turmoil of childlessness. By following the story of Saints Joachim and Anna, this book helps individuals and couples navigate the loss inherent in infertility amid the pain of shame, separation, anger, bargaining, and blamelessness. In walking alongside Joachim and Anna, we encounter not only a life-giving template for grief, but also the path back to ourselves, our partner, and our God-given vocation of eucharistic thanksgiving.” Nicole Roccas

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God’s words to my heart many years ago: “This ministry is BIGGER than what you think and NOT what you think”. Truly it is a work being done in each faithful heart to reach beyond the depths of physical fertility to the roots of a deeper spiritual fertility.

Praised be Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Anne & Joachim…..

Pray for a Miracle!

This is a message sent to us from the Poor Clare Colettine Nuns in Wales, thank you for your prayers and intercession.  If you are going to Mass or Adoration today please keep this little boy and his family in your prayers.  
Dear Little hearts,

Please join us in prayer to pray for this little boy…. and the heroic family who already lost a child a few years ago to cancer, all things are possible to God. 

This family has been a light of faith for so many, bless you all. 

Lovingly all your sisters

For all of you praying for Anthony S. and wanting an update, here it is (I’ve gotten permission to share this by Doug, Anthony’s dad): Anthony remains in the ICU at “…” Hospital.  He is in critical condition as a result of a tragic accident while playing with a necktie by himself in his room. He got it tied… too tightly around his neck and couldn’t loosen it before he passed out. He was discovered shortly afterwards but had by that time already stopped breathing and his heart had stopped beating. Doug and Kristen began CPR until the ambulance arrived and the EMT’s took over. In the past 18 hours an amazing medical team have been stabilizing Anthony and also trying to ascertain the level of brain activity present, which is not altogether clear because of medications. But the medical team has indicated that there are signs that Anthony has suffered significant trauma. The next 24 hours are critical for showing signs of improvement in brain activity. They are also needing to repair a tear in Anthony’s trachea that likely occured while intubating him.

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