The Sixth sorrow- the descent from the Cross and laying in Marys arms

The Sixth Sorrow

6. The taking down of the Body of Jesus from the Cross: “Joseph of Arimathea, a noble counselor, came and went in boldly to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. And Joseph buying fine linen, and taking Him down, wrapped Him up in the fine linen.” – Mark XV, 43-46.

Dear Little hearts,

The descent from the Cross and laying in Marys alms…. Christ is transferred from the altar of sacrifice to the altar of surrender and FIAT to Gods will.

He is laid upon the altar of Marys lap, and she as the most pure Mother, bride and daughter offers Jesus back to his father.

Pieta !!!!…….. this is a moment pregnant with meaning, pregnant with life in the midst of death, this is a mystery that we will all probaly live out in our lifetime, that of offering he/she whom we love back to God…
It is as all faith an invitation to trust, trust although the way ahead is a blank wall, a darkness he is with you and Mary is praying.