Novena Ap – Our Lady of Perpetual Help

This is one site that must be shared with all of you, the Redemptorists are offering this beautiful application for your iPod, etc.  I’m not very good about all this I don’t even have an I-phone but I am sure some of you will find this very helpful through your day.  Speaking of Redemptorists priests, they were founded by St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori  who learned to see that all things in our life can be redeemed but we all must seek Christ through Mary.  I haven’t read anything from Saint Alphonsus in a long time but this prayer just rang in my heart. It really makes me think about the previous post that Jen wrote about letting go.  We must all learn to let go of what we think that life is supposed to be. What our plans are, what we thing they should be and how we have everything planned out. Our Lord is always showing us that we are not in charge, not even in charge of the weather.  😀  Since we belong to God our plans must be His plans and vice versa. So, with this said I will leave you with this prayer from St. Alphonsus:


“Ponder anew what the Almighty can do” is what we sing as we give “Praise to the Lord.” When you heard the angel’s greetings, you wondered what this could mean for you … and how! One reaction might have been to stress out or another to run away or even to consider an unhealthy distraction, but scripture tells us that you “pondered” in your heart. Help me, Mother, to take time to ponder. I react, kick back, and talk back. Teach me to ponder where God is in my life right now, especially the dark places.  Hail Mary … Glory be …