Mondays with Elisabeth

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted on our dear friend Elisabeth.  I pray that you are all getting to know her like we are within the Hannah’s Tears Ministry.  I have to let you know that yesterday, October 16, was Elisabeth Leseur’s 145th birthday, some of us were actually praying a 9 day novena to her as a gift. This novena was very special as it shed many graces upon those of us that participated.  If you are interested in the novena please click the novena prayer.  Were you also aware that it was the feast of Saint Gerard, patron of mothers?  I was not aware of his feast day until this morning and it gave me such a warm feeling in my heart to know that Elisabeth was born on his feast day, a woman that suffered the pains of infertility yet learned to use her suffering for the good of those in need of conversion.  I must ask, am I doing this?  Am I offering all that I can with my own sufferings to Our Lord?  Am I uniting my cross to His?  Or am I wasting my time choosing to be in pain and sorrow  because of what I don’t have in life? How am I choosing to live today?

Everything that we do in life is a choice, most especially what we do with the gift of suffering.  As I heard on EWTN Live today, it was one of Mother Angelica’s old shows from the 90’s, she said, “we must train the will (within ourselves) to offer and unite our suffering to Christ in union with HIS”.  Then and only then will we be on the journey that HE has called us to walk.  

Let us pray for one another that we may all learn to train our will to unite our all to Christ Jesus, no matter what the struggle/suffering.

Did you receive your Saint Gerard blessing yesterday?  If not make sure you ask your priest/pastor for a blessing this week.  God bless you all!

Some links that I would like to share with you today:

The Mothers’ Saint

Because of the miracles God worked through Gerard’s prayers with mothers, the mothers of Italy took Gerard to their hearts and made him their patron. At the process of his beatification one witness testified that he was known as “il santo dei felice parti“–the saint of happy childbirth. This devotion has become very popular in North America, both in the United States and Canada.

Thousands of mothers have felt the power of Saint Gerard through the League of Saint Gerard. Many hospitals dedicate their maternity wards to him and give medals and prayer leaflets of Saint Gerard to their patients. Thousands of children have been named after Saint Gerard by parents who are convinced that it was his intercession that helped them to have healthy children. Even girls are named after him, and it is interesting how “Gerard” takes form as Gerarda, Geralyn, Gerardine, Gerianne, and Gerardette.

Bible Study Idea:  

God bless you and have a week filled with GRACE & HOPE!

Mondays with Elisabeth

“Our outer life is the reproduction of our inner life,
 and the visible part of us reflects what is unseen; 
we radiate our souls, so to say, and, 
when they are centers of light and warmth, 
other souls need only to be brought into contact
 with them in order to be warmed and enlightened. 
We give out, often unknown to ourselves,
 what we carry within us; let us strive to increase 
daily this reserve store of faith and quiet charity.”

Mondays with Elisabeth

“What most people call “hope” is nothing but pleasant anticipation, which has as its reverse disappointment. It is here that the teaching of Christ again reveals its sublime and consoling features, more plainly perhaps than elsewhere. It is the great source of faith, and “no man cometh to the Father” but by Him, that is, Jesus Christ. Through charity, it gives us all our energy for good, and that peculiarly passionate love which is implied by the very word charity.”  ~ Elisabeth Leseur Servant of God