Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur Novena April 24 – May 2

Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur

God, our Father, you fortified Your servant Elisabeth with admirable prudence and a profound interior life, so that she could bear witness to Christ before her husband and in the unbelieving world that surrounded her. You gave her great meekness, making her capable of accepting her sufferings as an agreeable prayer to you.

We thank you, Father, for the gifts that You gave her, for the example she has given to the women of today, and for the benefits obtained in our family through her intercession.

We confidently beseech you that through her intercession you grant us the grace of… (Ask for the grace desired.)

We also ask that, if it be Your will, the Church may recognize the holiness of Elisabeth’s life, for the glory of the Holy Trinity.

We ask this through Christ our Lod.


* With ecclesiastical approval.

Reflection on Life and Marriage

Reflection March 21, 2015:

I have a friend that was treated unkindly at her parish because she and her husband have no children. This is not Christian love! This is not the choice of this couple not to have children…

How can we as a Catholic Community serve those who are a “Family of 2”, just as Sevant of God Elisabeth Leseur and Felix were in life? Marriage is the gift that makes a FAMILY, not everyone will be able to bring forth children and some will not have the ability to adopt. So, does this make them less than? Not at all.

This life is too short to behave this way, I pray that we will all learn to have open arms to those who are called to a different service within the Church. Those without children are a family and are still called to be HOLY, FAITHFUL SERVANTS of GOD.

Just my .02

Holy Servants Elisabeth and Felix Leseur, pray for us.

See note below from Joe MacNeil:

The contact information for the postulator’s office in Rome is no longer accurate. Brother Llewellyn Muscat, secretary to the Dominican Postulator, is now the primary contact person at the Vatican. For contact details, and an overview of the current status of the cause, I suggest the website It is maintained by Elisabeth Leseur’s Circle of Friends, a new non-profit group based in the United States who are trying to energize work to advance her cause.

My YES to God the Father

This evening is a holy day of obligation for the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Our Lady’s conception in the womb of St. Anne was also a great miracle as she was conceived without original sin.  Something to really meditate upon, she is a reflection of what we need to be throughout our Christian walk which is truly a very short journey indeed.

I want to share this poster image of what we are all called to be as we live the challenge of our Christian Faith, we are also Catholic Christians which means we are not alone as this is a Universal teaching that spreads to all the corners of the earth.  My prayers are with anyone who will meet this challenge and possibly go further in the walk to bring teaching to others. We are called to be apostles of Christ so that those called to spread this teaching will hear the call and not wait. Ask yourself are you being called to learn more about “Theology of the Body”?

This is truly a great GIFT given to us from our creator GOD the FATHER.  “Enjoy this creation, “The Pyramid of Intimacy” by our instructor Bill Donaghy.” (Quoted from –

Please see “Opening Hearts and Minds” for further information.