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Child of Sperm Donor Speaks Out

The challenges that we have being Catholic in a world of let me do what I want to do. The Church is not only trying to guide and protect YOU from many struggles ahead but also protecting a generation of children in the future. When we follow the Churches teaching on natural family planning, this is a great wisdom that goes against the world we live in that only wants what it wants when it wants it.  Remember when you remain obedient to Holy Mother Church you are not only protecting yourself from major issues in the future but also the life of soul yet to be born.  This article above from the National Catholic Register says it all… 


My only question is, if we are a people that already struggle with anxiety just by living life, why add to the problems by ignoring what Mother Church is trying to protect us from in the future?  Truly the Church is teaching us what true freedom is.  Now if we could only learn to rely on this gift that we have, what a treasure trove!

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