LECTINS and Your Intestinal Health

Their Damaging Role in Intestinal Health, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Weight Loss

By Carolyn Pierini, CLS (ASCP), CNC

Located on the surface of cells of all living things lay many thousands of different complex sugar molecules (glycoconjugates) projecting outward from their loose anchors like moving antennae. Genetically unique, these molecules comprise a protective coating for the cell and perform many functions including cell recognition and signaling. Lectins are a class of protein molecules capable of using these sugar moieties to bind to the surface of cells. Lectins provide the way for one molecule to stick to another molecule without any immunity involved. Lectins play a wide role in health, but their ability to influence the inflammatory process indicates they are involved in inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even weight gain. Lectins’ potential involvement in many aspects of our health caused DJ Freed, MD to state, “Lectins are causes in search of diseases.”
This article will introduce you to the world of lectins, the “sticky proteins” we deal with from day to day in our diets and our bodily systems. Furthermore, you will learn how you can build up your defenses against what could be a hidden cause behind many of our health concerns. Continue