November Intentions

During this month of November during Adoption Awareness Month, I just wanted to make it very clear that we at Hannah’s Tears have NO comments on EMBRYO ADOPTIONS. Our ministry waits patiently on Holy Mother Church concerning this decision as she is the parent in our faith, so we wait patiently and pray. These frozen babies by no fault of their own are in LIMBO and need our prayers for God’s perfect will as they are perfect souls waiting also upon the Lord. Please keep this intention in your daily prayers that the Church will finalize their decision and all those concerned in this debate will receive God’s direction and mercy as we are guided in TRUTH.

1Samuel 2:

5 They that were full before have hired out themselves for bread: and the hungry are filled, so that the barren hath borne many: and she that had many children is weakened.6 The Lord killeth and maketh alive, he bringeth down to hell and bringeth back again.7 The Lord maketh poor and maketh rich, he humbleth and he exalteth.

8 He raiseth up the needy from the dust, and lifteth up the poor from the dunghill: that he may sit with princes, and hold the throne of glory. For the poles of the earth are the Lord’s, and upon them he hath set the world.

9 He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness, because no man shall prevail by his own strength.

10 The adversaries of the Lord shall fear him: and upon them shall he thunder in the heavens. The Lord shall judge the ends of the earth, and he shall give empire to his king, and shall exalt the horn of his Christ.

Blessings to ALL!