Elisabeth Leseur Servant of God ~ Novena/Prayer

Prayer asking for the Intercession 
Elisabeth Leseur Servant of God

God, our Father, you fortified Your servant Elisabeth with admirable prudence and a profound interior life, so that she could bear witness to Christ before her husband and in the unbelieving world that surrounded her. You gave her great meekness, making her capable of accepting her sufferings as an agreeable prayer to you.
We thank you, Father, for the gifts that You gave her, for the example she has given to the women of today, and for the benefits obtained in our family through her intercession.
We confidently beseech you that through her intercession you grant us the grace of… (Ask for the grace desired.)
We also ask that, if it be Your will, the Church may recognize the holiness of Elisabeth’s life, for the glory of the Holy Trinity.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

* With ecclesiastical approval

Please contact The Cause of Elisabeth Leseur, Defensa 422 (1065) Buenos Ares, Argentina or Fr. Vito Gomez-Garcia,O.P., Postulator Generalis, if you receive special graces through Elisabeth’s intercession.


Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary
and Convent of Saint Dominic – Late S. XVIII

c/o Order of Friars Preachers

422 Defense  C1065AAH- Buenos Aires

4331-1668 / 343-5009 
Jurisdiction Parish: St. Ignatius of Loyola 
belongs: Order of Friars Preachers
Fr. Vito Gomez – Garcia, O.P.
Postulator Generalis
Curia Generalizia dei Padri Domenicani
Convento Santa Sabina (Aventino)
Piazza Pietro d’Illiria, 100153 Roma (Italia)
Telephone: (39) 6 57 941
Fax: (39) 6 57 50 675
e-mail: postulatore@curia.op.org

“Mondays with Elisabeth”

Holiness found while living in the world?  Not an easy task is it?  I know for myself it can be very difficult but if I take the time to truly pray and unite my heart to Christ somehow it becomes lighter/easier.  To live in the world but not become filled with the spirit of worldliness can only be done with prayer and time spent with Christ Jesus on a daily occasion.  This is what Elisabeth found in her path toward holiness.  She sought the one who was calling out her name in the midst of her deepest sufferings and she finally gave in to the desires of His heart and not her own.  

As I read page 7 of “My Spirit Rejoices”  the title of the reflection is called “Elisabeth sought holiness while living in the world”:  Renunciation, detachment, voluntary poverty, dislike of the wold, sacrifice and forgetfulness of self, acceptance of suffering, and utmost charity toward God and neighbor are the theme of each one of these pages.. 

How can we learn to grow in this holiness as Elisabeth?

Maybe if we could take time to reflect upon the pages that we read, we will also discover something about ourselves.  Ask her to befriend you today and each day that you discover another Monday with Elisabeth.  I hope you will take the journey along with me as she is teaching me many things each day, I’d love to share this with you.


“Saintly Women of Our Times”

I’ve been trying to find information to promote Elisabeth Leseur and this is what I found today in my search.  I’m thinking this would be a great book to purchase as it’s not too expensive and it’s story line I could relate to… if you’re interested below is a link just underneath this picture and it is the least expensive that I have found so far.  Let us know if you find something less costly.  🙂  Enjoy!

Single, married, widowed, separated, abandoned, divorced… Childless, an unwed mother, a parent of many children, a stepmother… Born into high society, a member of the middle class, destitute… From Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Americas. None of the accounts in Saintly Women of Modern Times is a fairy tale, but each woman ended up finding a Prince who loved her completely, a Prince who had been calling to her even as she had been searching for Him. Each of these twentieth-century laywomen fell deeply in love with Christ, the Prince of Peace, and that made all the difference in the world — the difference in this world, and the next. Pick a chapter — any chapter — and you’ll want to read another and another and another. Here are the women who prove that — no matter the circumstances — a life of heroic virtue is possible. A life that centers on Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, a life of sanctity and of service to others.