How to Preach Against Contraception

How to Preach Against Contraception

This hard-hitting “tell-it-like it is” article appeared in the July 2003 national Catholic publication “Homiletic & Pastoral Review.” The author, Dr. Fredrick W. Marks, is a research historian and essayist on religion with degrees from Holy Cross College and the University of Michigan. The author of “A Catholic Handbook for England and Newly Married Couples” (2001) he has taught courses on the fundamentals of the Catholic faith at the university level, as well as in various parishes.
Christians as dissimilar in theological stripe as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Knox have shared the Catholic position on birth control
“How to preach against contraception”
by: Fredrick W. Marks
Catholic morale in the United States has been severely shaken in recent months by allegations of clerical sex abuse. But there is another agent at work in the Church that has been sapping the strength of the faithful for decades. I refer to the yawning gap between teaching and practice in the area of artificial birth control. How can any religious organization expect to prosper when most of its members live in open defiance of one of its major tenets, when, furthermore, it claims to teach the tenet infallibly, and when disregard of such teaching is viewed as a mortal sin?  Continue here

Contraception Is Not the Solution to Abortion

Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils; they differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.
— Chesterton, G.K. Illustrated London News. 23 Oct 1909.

The argument that contraception (or abortion) “reduces the number of unwanted children” is an empty one. The selfish wants of one’s parents has no bearing on one’s right to exist. Contraception and abortion are inextricable, yes, not because contraception is the solution to abortion, but because contraception is abortion’s close cousin, and likewise a grave evil. Contraception may not always be explicit murder (though it often is), but it teaches parents to see their children as “choices,” not “human beings,” which is the philosophy of abortion and murder. While it is unpopular to assert, the truth is pro-contraception arguments are poorly disguised pro-infanticide arguments.