Saint Luke, pray for us.

The Gospel according to St. Luke 10:1-9

Prayer for Doctors to St. Luke

Good Saint Luke,

we are told that before you met our dear Lord

and became a follower of His

and a writer of His Gospel,

you were a doctor.

We beg you this day

to bless and help and protect our doctor.

Obtain for him the graces he most needs

to do his work well and serve God generously.

Help him to be strong and gentle,

prudent and charitable,

understanding and self-sacrificing.

Give him great skill in the care of our bodies,

so that, blessed with physical strength and health,

we may more faithfully perform our daily tasks.

Help us all, good Saint Luke,

to imitate very closely the life

and virtues of our Blessed Mother Mary,

about whom you wrote so beautifully,

and of Him whom she bore into this world,

Jesus Christ our Lord and our God,

who lives and is King for ever and ever.