The Novena to St Colette begins today…

Dear Little hearts,

The Novena to St Colette begins today- join us in spirit as we pray and sing the chaplet each day in preparation for her feast day Mass & Celebration here next Saturday. Place your intentions in Colette’s hands.

Lovingly all your sisters,

TMD Poor Clare Colettine Community


The Chaplet

Blessed be the hour in which our Lord Jesus Christ, God and Man was born. Blessed be the Holy Spirit by whom he was conceived. Blessed be the glorious Virgin Mary of whom the Incarnate Word was born.      May the Lord hear our prayers through the intercession of the glorious Virgin Mary and in memory of that most sacred hour in which the Incarnate Word was born, that all our desires may be accomplished for your glory and our salvation.  O good Jesus! O Jesus our Redeemer, do not abandon us as our sins deserve, but hear our humble prayer and grant what we ask through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary and for the glory of your Holy name. Amen.


As God pleases

As God wills (prayed ten times)


Let us praise the Father in his mercy and the Son by his passion and the Holy Spirit the fountain of peace and sweetness and love. Amen, amen without recall!


Miscarriage-Stillbirth-Pregnancy Loss-Infant Death

  • Back In His Arms Again Ministry – During a time of grief and pain, Back in His Arms Again is a ministry of collaborative resources providing care, compassion, faith, guidance, and support to those experiencing loss as well as those providing care.
  • Be Not Afraid Ministry – an online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis. 
  • Shrine of Holy Innocents (Eden Hill, Marians of the Immaculate Conception)  Our God is a God of Mercy who cares for our needs from the moment of conception. The Shrine of the Holy Innocents will honor the memory of the souls of all children whose lives have been lost, and it will provide a sacred place of prayer and healing for parents and others who have been touched by the loss of a child.
  • Faith’s Lodge – Mission Statement: the mission of Faith’s Lodge is to provide a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or loss of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future. Read Faith’s Story


**Note Some of the links below may be repeated.


Grief Support Websites


Bereavement & Healing Services






Specific Causes

Infertility Support

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Praised Jesus for your faithfulness to Holy Mother Church! I’m so very happy that you found our blog site and I pray that you found it helpful. I agree that it can be very difficult to find like minded groups out in the world, but as a body of believers within the Catholic Church I know the Lord has something for each of us or He is calling us toward something that will bless us as we seek comfort we are also called to comfort, it all seems to be part of God’s holy plan.

As you are seeking answers about an Infertility Support Group, I would suggest that you take time and pray before our Lord in adoration and then ask your pastor for guidance and direction.

The Apostolate of Hannah’s Tears has been unfolding for many years we are available for intercession and we pray for all those who are in need with fertility issues. This ministry at this time is a contemplative ministry, my parish offers 4 Masses each season throughout the year for the intentions of Hannah’s Tears. We also provide a prayer box beneath the Infant of Prague and the Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears pamphlet. The Poor Clare Colettine Nuns in Wales have been great intercessors as well as the Mass that they have offered each year in honor of their patron St. Colette (this was our first year sending a list of people asking for prayers). Our other intercessors for Hannah’s Tears are Carmelite Sisters, and secular Carmelites as well as many lay people. The power of prayer does great things most especially in front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Our ministry has not yet formed into a day with meetingts but we allow God to set up the meetings in the present moment weather that be on email, after Mass, or sitting down for a cup of tea. We are all called to be listeners and imitate Simon of Cyrene as he helped Christ carry His cross we are also called to help when we are called.

Hannah’s Tears is open to you helping us build our ministry of faith and hope but if you decide that you are seeking something more formal, please find below some resources that also may be of help to you as you seek God’s Holy will:

Here are items I find very helpful.

“Bearing the Unbearable: Coping with Infertility and Other Profound Suffering”
by Karl A Schultz (this is a positively beautiful book)

* “Begotten, Not Made” – Pastoral Care for Couples Experiencing Infertility
By Steve Bozza (couples manual and a pastors manual available)
These manuals bring understanding to what is in a couple’s heart, their sorrow, frustration hopes and dreams. It will provide a reflection on what is in the heart of the Church regarding human life and provide some practical counseling suggestions.

1654 Spouses to whom God has not granted children can nevertheless have a conjugal life full of meaning, in both human and Christian terms. Their marriage can radiate a fruitfulness of charity, of hospitality, and of sacrifice.

NaPro Technology/Articles…


* Please read some of the following articles, they are by a Catholic married couple that truly knows the suffering of infertility. IVF is not the answer…

“Babies Deserve Better What You Need to Know If You’re Struggling with Infertility”
By Jameson and Jennifer Taylor

“The Gift of Infertility”, by Jameson and Jennifer Taylor




These manuals bring understanding to what is in a couple’s heart, their sorrow, frustration hopes and dreams. It will provide a reflection on what is in the heart of the Church regarding human life and provide some practical counseling suggestions.

This is a more formal group that has been around a while..Elizabeth Ministry International

Also, Catholic Fertility yahoo group: is a group of women that struggle with primary or secondary infertility you can easily join on line and have mail sent directly to you or use web mail. They are a beautiful group of women, you can also find many beautiful Catholic bloggers across internet.

Welcome, and please feel free to write us anytime if you are in need of a prayer or desire infomation that you are unable to find. Maybe we can help you.

In Jesus through Mary,
Hannah’s Tears


St. Rita of Cascia, patron saint of infertility and hopeless cases

Prayers and Novena

We wanted to pass on that yesterday was the feast of St. Rita, she is the patron saint of infertility and hopeless cases… “Ignatius Press” has a movie about Saint Rita’s life, that you may be interested in. EWTN has had the movie on this week, we hope some of you were able to watch her life. May your weekend be filled with the Lord’s Hope and Joy!
God Bless You,
H.T. Ministry

Saint Rita of Cascia, 1381-1457
Saint Rita of Cascia was born in 1381, in a small Italian village, to elderly parents who had long prayed for a child. At fifteen, Rita wanted to enter the convent but her parents decided that she should marry. They chose a man who turned out to be a mean, violent and unfaithful husband. After eighteen years, her prayers, gentleness and goodness finally won his heart, and he apologized for the way he had treated her and he returned to God.  Shortly after his conversion, he was murdered. Although shocked and heart-broken, she forgave the murderers, and tried to make her two sons forgive them, too. Instead they were determined to avenge their father’s death. Rita prayed that they would die rather than commit murder. Both boys became seriously ill, and Rita nursed them lovingly. She was successful in persuading them to forgive, and to ask God’s forgiveness for themselves, before they died.  Now that she was alone, Rita tried to enter the convent in Cascia, however, a woman who had been married was not allowed to join. Rita did not give up, and eventually, an exception was made for her. In the convent, Rita was obedient, charitable and devoted to the crucified Jesus. She asked him to let her share some of his pain, and a thorn from his crown of thorns pierced her forehead and made a sore that never healed. It was so bad and foul-smelling that St. Rita had to stay away from the others. She happily suffered to show her love for Jesus. Saint Rita died on May 22, 1457, at seventy-six years of age. She is the patron saint of infertility, and of hopeless, or desperate, cases.



Elisabeth & Maria Luisita are from the 20th century of faithful. We would

like to promote their causes for canonization, please help us with your devotions.


Ven. Maria Luisita Josefa & Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur