The Novena to St Colette begins today…

Dear Little hearts,

The Novena to St Colette begins today- join us in spirit as we pray and sing the chaplet each day in preparation for her feast day Mass & Celebration here next Saturday. Place your intentions in Colette’s hands.

Lovingly all your sisters,

TMD Poor Clare Colettine Community


The Chaplet

Blessed be the hour in which our Lord Jesus Christ, God and Man was born. Blessed be the Holy Spirit by whom he was conceived. Blessed be the glorious Virgin Mary of whom the Incarnate Word was born.      May the Lord hear our prayers through the intercession of the glorious Virgin Mary and in memory of that most sacred hour in which the Incarnate Word was born, that all our desires may be accomplished for your glory and our salvation.  O good Jesus! O Jesus our Redeemer, do not abandon us as our sins deserve, but hear our humble prayer and grant what we ask through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary and for the glory of your Holy name. Amen.


As God pleases

As God wills (prayed ten times)


Let us praise the Father in his mercy and the Son by his passion and the Holy Spirit the fountain of peace and sweetness and love. Amen, amen without recall!


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