A Story of HOPE!

I wanted to share this beautiful story of hope that Anita has so kindly shared with us in a previous post in the comments section.  My desire is that adding this story to a post of its own will get more readers.


Thank you Anita for sharing your story of HOPE!




I would like to share my infertility story with you and the story of my miracle baby . It is online on a website and is quite long.

My hope is that my story will give those who struggle with infertility some hope and also my love and support for them.








These postings are with the pseudonym serene (from serenity prayer), a chatname which I used online a lot because I struggled a lot with accepting infertility (what I could not change ). I could not change anything but God could because “nothing ” is impossible to God .

God Bless You

love Anita

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