Financing An Adoption

This isn’t the typical post I write for Hannah’s Tears.  Usually, I attempt to write in hopes of encouraging others to look at adoption as a viable way to build a family.  Adoption is a  God given opportunity to parent and to make the difference in the life of a child.  However, so often finances are a stumbling block to making the dream of adoption a reality.  So, as most of us are beginning to pull together our financial picture of 2011 for tax purposes, it’s a logical time to sit down and put all financial ducks in a row.

Unfortunately, adoption isn’t just a matter of discerning if it’s God call for your family.   A “yes” to adoption, doesn’t magically mean you have a cute, snuggling little infant in your arms.  Once you say yes, the real work begins and it often involves coming up with a significant amount of cash.

Now, please understand, I would never advocate going into debt for anything.  I firmly believe we should be living within our means and “the borrower is the slave of the lender” (Proverbs 22:7).   The truth is we did beg, and borrow for our first two adoptions.  At the time that was what we needed to do to bring our boys home, and we would do it again in a heart beat.

We weren’t going into debt to take an extravagant vacation, or to buy a fancy new car (that depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot!), no, we were going into debt for a precious human being.  And really, haven’t we all? “For you have been purchased at a price” (1 Corinthians 6:20)

So what are some steps that can be taken to help the financial piece of the equation?

Two invaluable resources to help with improving  an overall financial picture are:

Veritas Financial Ministries

Dave Ramsey – we have personally had great success following the Dave Ramsey plan.

To help plan what you are actually going to spend, Adoptive Families has a chart of actual adoption costs.  The results are taken from a survey of families who have completed different types of adoption.

Here is a list of a variety of financial resources:

**Please do your own research on what is going to work for your family.  This is just a list to help you get started.**

Adoption Financing Information – grants, loans, fundraising

Adopt Without Debt

Adoption Financing – more info on grants, loans

Dave Thomas Foundation – also includes info on asking an employer to offer adoption benefits.  This is definitely worth the effort, we were able to get an adoption benefit started with one of the company’s that Bob worked for.  Granted this is an “after the fact” benefit similar to the tax credit, but it’s very worthwhile.

Financing Info

Adoption Loans

Compilation of Financial Resources

Yahoo Group for Fundraising Ideas

It goes without saying that the most important step in the entire adoption process is to continue to pray, and to have faith that you are answering the call of God for adoption.  Sometimes, even when the financial picture looks grim, we need to step out in faith.  When we started the adoption process for our third child, we said yes to her adoption not really having any idea where our financial resources would come from.  I have shared Sarah’s story on our personal blog, please take a moment and read how God worked in a very powerful and tangible way.

In short, financing an adoption is possible.  Take advantage of the above resources, budget/save {make some financial sacrifices!}, and take advantage of the adoption tax credit.  My prayer is that you will find these resources helpful and they will encourage you on your road to adoption.

4 thoughts on “Financing An Adoption

  1. Very good resources. We were very fortunate that God provided the finances for both of our adoptions without much debt. I agree, going in debt for a human being is well worth the sacrifice, if need be.


  2. Great post with lots of useful info and advice. I just wanted to mention that adoption from foster care in the U.S. costs nothing. Absolutely free, and in fact the states generally pay a monthly subsidy to help raise the child. It’s another good option for those looking to adopt.


  3. Thanks! I am the one that won your Adopt Without Debt book… I have since begun my adoption of two little boys in EE. Thanks so much for this info… every little bit helps! 🙂


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