Guest Post: Saints to Lean On

Post from a friend at Be Not Afraid:

Along with Hannah’s Tears, I’ve been thinking about saints. You see, I’ve just begun reading Sister Janice McGrane’s, “Saints to Lean On – Spiritual Companions for Illness and Disability“. I think all of us reading here have been touched by some difficulty or even tragic circumstances. All of us, I’m willing to wager, have leaned on a favorite saint, or two, or three . . . and, I’m certain we each have a story to share about how the saints really did help us in our struggles with infertility, miscarriage, loss of infant, or any other pain associated with motherhood. Please feel welcome to share your own story in the comments – who knows, perhaps you will be featured in a blog post about heavenly intercession! For now, I want to share the story of two saints you really can lean on in times of trouble: St. Therese and St Gianna.
Do you know how difficult pregnancy can be for those who have lupus? I really didn’t, until I read this account.  Our dynamic duo interceded to help a Colorado Springs mom who battled infertility and Lupus. Lisa Kottler’s second baby was brought safely into the world by a series of miracles. It’s true, not even the doctors can explain. For example, just when a premature birth seemed imminent, there was a sudden increase in amniotic fluid – just enough to keep the baby safe. Read this incredibly encouraging story here. 
How about the following scenario: The doctors note that the baby is not growing and they see clotting (therefore, blood loss), the placenta is deteriorating, and the amniotic sac has ruptured. Is there any hope for such a baby? The doctors say no, but with God, all things are possible. In retrospect, we can see in the case of Elisabete Comparini Arcolino – the mother who was visited with all these problems during pregnancy with her fourth child – that God was up to something special. It appears that He permitted a situation that seemed hopeless, knowing that he could count on his Elisabete to hold on and not abort as the doctors had advised. He also knew His faithful servants, her husband, their parish priest and even their bishop would support Elisabete in asking for the prayers of then Blessed Gianna Molla. Though several other problems (if you can imagine it!) manifested during the remainder of the pregnancy, eventually Elisabete gave birth to a full term baby who was determined to be healthy. This hopeless scenario was the second miracle contributing to the canonization of St. Gianna. And how about the first miracle that contributed to her cause? That too involved a mom suffering severe complications in pregnancy; she had lost her baby and it looked as though she too would die because of a very serious infection. At that time, someone asked for the intercession of St Gianna. To the utter amazement of everyone involved, the woman who was expected to die overnight when home the next day. 
There are so many stories like this – perhaps not officially recognized as “miracles”, but we faithful know they are. I will be bringing you these stories from time to time to offer encouragement and so that together, we may strengthen our faith. If you have a story to share, please leave a comment and you may well be featured in our next post about our heavenly intercessors.

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