A Mothers’ Day Prayer

Merciful Father,
Today we celebrate motherhood.  I thank you that my own mother gave me life.
O Lord of Life, my heart aches and my womb longs to carry a child.  You planted this desire in the heart of every woman, whether she knows it or not, whether she can bear children or not.  As I walk this journey of infertility, amid reminders of the life I don’t have, I beg your loving care and grace. 
I especially ask for your grace on this Mothers’ Day:

As I watch mothers celebrate with their families.

As I watch the bouquets disappear, knowing they are for a blessed mom. 

As I walk by the countless cards and treats made specially for mothers’ day.

As I weep silently during the Blessing of Mothers at Sunday Mass. 
Although you have a plan for me, dear Lord, You also know my pain.  Please help me carry this pain until I too, have a chance to rejoice on Mothers’ Day. 

Thank you for the spiritual motherhood You’ve given me; help me to see the many ways you call me to do this in my every day life.  May I keep my eyes, even when they’re filled with tears, fixed on You, O Lord.


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