Guest Post: Saints to Lean On

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears

Post from a friend at Be Not Afraid:

Along with Hannah’s Tears, I’ve been thinking about saints. You see, I’ve just begun reading Sister Janice McGrane’s, “Saints to Lean On – Spiritual Companions for Illness and Disability“. I think all of us reading here have been touched by some difficulty or even tragic circumstances. All of us, I’m willing to wager, have leaned on a favorite saint, or two, or three . . . and, I’m certain we each have a story to share about how the saints really did help us in our struggles with infertility, miscarriage, loss of infant, or any other pain associated with motherhood. Please feel welcome to share your own story in the comments – who knows, perhaps you will be featured in a blog post about heavenly intercession! For now, I want to share the story of two saints you really can lean on in times of trouble: St. Therese…

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