His Word Heals

I read in the Gospel the people were amazed at Jesus’ words,

“What is it in his words?” they pondered.

His word has authority and the power to heal

because He Hiimself is the Word spoken by God

before the world came to be.


I pick up His Word spoken, written for us

because I, too, need healing.

I need Jesus to command “Be quiety!”  “Come out of her!”

To still the wounded memories,

the negative thoughts,

to enter those wounded areas and to heal.


I have only to read His Word and ponder,

“What is it in His Words?”

I read, I pray, I whisper them

and let them permeate my brokenness

so I may be made whole.


His Word has the power to do this

and I believe, for I return to them,

listen to them, am drawn to them.


You lead me into the desert to speak to me

and I surrender.  I am emptied in order to be filled.

You have the words of eternal life.

(excerpts from Matthew 4:32-36 NJB and John 6:68 NIV)

{Theresa lives out her vocation as wife, mother to four (and two in Heaven), Classical homeschooler, Secular Carmelite, and part-time ultrasonographer in Pennsylvania.  She shares her fumbling writings at my desert heart when the Spirit nudges her.}

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