Do you have sorrow? Let Jesus be Your Remedy

We can not allow the losses that we endure to control the gifts God has yet to unfold in our lives.   Our hope must always be in the Lord!

Our Sorrows must be united to Our Lord and His Heavenly Mother.  We must draw peace and hope in the hope Christ has for us all as Christians.  Let us place our trust in the one who has suffered more for us.

Let this Lent be something that heals your heart, where the Lord can bring healing and grace to your hearts as the Divine Physician has for you maybe Brother André Marie’s Lenten reflection will bring a blessing to your heart today, please read his reflection below.


Come, Divine Physician

The rich ferial Masses for Lent provide us with much spiritual food for our forty-day sojourn in the desert. Today’s propers focus on Jesus Christ, the divine Physician. The stational Church for today is the Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damian, the Syrian physicians who were martyred in Rome. In the temple dedicated to these men of medicine, it is fitting to read a passage from the physician-evangelist, St. Luke (4:38-44).

This Gospel relates the story of Our Lord’s miraculous cure of St. Peter’s mother-in-law, who suffered from a fever. In a reading for today’s office of Matins, St. Ambrose says, “Our fever is avarice; our fever is caprice; our fever is luxury; our fever is ambition; our fever is inclination to anger.” The Milanese Doctor of the Church is telling us that our inner ills of vice, malice, and disordered passion are sicknesses that Jesus can cure. This is a beautiful application of the “tropological” or moral sense of Holy Scripture.

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1 thought on “Do you have sorrow? Let Jesus be Your Remedy

  1. I have to say, I don’t always find this an easy task, but somehow we must continue to persevere. We don’t really have a choice… I was sitting at the foot of the Tabernacle after Mass today and had nothing to say all I could do was thank Him for being present to me.

    How are you doing with letting Jesus be your remedy?


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