Being Catholic: New blog for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

I am excited to announce a new blog launched Ash Wednesday for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Being Catholic: Discovering our Faith, Living our Faith, Expressing our Faith
can be found at

In addition to the blog, we have a facebook fan page which can be found at
and a Twitter account that can found at

I would be very grateful if you visited the site, and shared it with your friends and colleagues.

God bless you all!

Sean Ater

Professing the faith-being Catholic-is a rich and complex thing. People who have been Catholics all their lives still find themselves discovering new depths in their faith, and people who become Catholic in adulthood often find themselves moving into a new world in which things previously familiar take on a whole new light and meaning. Those who profess the Catholic faith have a particular mindset, which I like to call “thinking Catholic.” It is a mindset that includes attitudes about the world, about the people around them, about possessions, prayer and spiritual maturity that all grow …


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