Ice Cold, Maybe NOT

This Christmas please pray for those that you know with Infertility, MS and other Autoimmune Diseases, as it keeps us from doing and being what we want to be, an active, motivated wife/husband, mother/father and friend. It may seem that we are frozen and as cold as ice, just because we are quiet and keep to ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t miss our friends. We just learn to accept where we are and who we have become, our total focus is staying as well as we can and praying that it doesn’t affect anyone else.

Sometimes we might seem frozen and cold to those around us, but it’s truly just that we are learning how to deal with what is happening in our own lives.  Our hearts are actually on fire for we are constantly praying for that miracle in our lives and in those around us.  We pray each day of our lives that Our Lord would touch me and heal me, and then I think of you… Isn’t this who we really are?  You are actually more then you think, even if your heart is not blazing there is that little flame that God keeps burning, trust HIM.
To suffer is what this world brings upon us but to be healed is where God wants us to be.  As we learn to unite our cross to HIM we will be healed.  The fire of God must burn in our hearts and our souls, when we ponder our own cross we are not uniting it with Our Lord in the midst of our cross we must think of those who suffer more.  Ask Our Lord to bring people into your life that will understand, as there are many comrades that you will find friendship with.  Our Lord never leaves us alone, just ask and you will receive!

Let God set your hearts on fire this coming NEW YEAR for what HE has planned for your lives.  When you accept HIS will you will find your path and journey changed forever!

2 thoughts on “Ice Cold, Maybe NOT

  1. I would like to share my infertility story with you and the story of my miracle baby . It is online on a website and is quite long.

    My hope is that my story will give those who struggle with infertility some hope and also my love and support for them.

    These postings are with the pseudonym serene (from serenity prayer), a chatname which I used online a lot because I struggled a lot with accepting infertility (what I could not change ).
    I could not change anything but God could because “nothing ” is impossible to God .

    God Bless You



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