Another Childless Saint

Saint Catherine of Genoa

A pious and prayerful girl, she early felt a call to religious life, tried to enter a convent at age 13, was turned away because of her youth. At 16 she entered into an arranged marriage with a young Genoese nobleman, Giuliano Adorno. They were a childless couple, he was careless and unsuccessful as a husband and provider, often cruel, violent and unfaithful, and reduced them to bankruptcy. Catherine became indifferent to her faith, and fell into a depression.

Saint Catherine of Genoa


I consider all that befalls me, except sin, as coming from the hand of God.  Sin is mine alone just as is all concern with the self.   

— St. Catherine of Genoa

Let every suffering and pain be welcome that comes from God’s will, for you have illuminated me, O Lord, for the last thirty-six years or so. For your sake I have always sought to suffer, within as well as without.  And this desire has never let me suffer greatly.  On the contrary, all those things that I have undergone that seemed intense suffering were, because of your will, sweet and consoling.   

— St. Catherine of Genoa

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