Venerable Elisabeth Leseur

This is a repeat post from August 2008, but I wanted to share it once again, mostly because it is National Infertility Awareness Week.   

Please let us know if you need a prayer, we’re here!

Our journey through life may not be all that we want and desire but God’s plans are an awesome wonder when we continue to place all our trust in Him. Here is a beautiful story of suffering and faith by Bishop Sheen. He tells us a story of a woman who suffered physically but had enormous faith that her husband would find conversion of heart. What seemed impossible to the human eye was possible with God, for all things are possible with God. 

Elisabeth and Felix Leseur never had children, they suffered the pains of infertility… if you are seeking to read more about the life of Ven. Elisabeth Leseur, you may find her book called “My Spirit Rejoices“, this book is a great support from a spiritual friend in Heaven who endured her cross with great hope and faith. I pray that after you read her story, that your spirit may rejoice!

God bless you


Please read more about Bishop Sheen and his story about meeting Fr. Felix Leseur…go to:       

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