Feast of St. Louis de Montfort & St. Gianna Beretta Molla

What is the Church trying to teach us through these two souls?  They were born centuries apart, why would Our Lord have them share the same feast day?  Somehow, I know we can all find meaning behind this day.

St. Louis de Montfort has taught us to consecrate our bodies, minds and souls to Jesus through Mary.  We do not belong to ourselves, we were bought with a price and that was Christ Jesus on the cross. With all that we are and all that we fail to do we belong to Christ.  

St. Gianna’s life was filled with hope in her faith for Christ through the Church.  She was a leader of Catholic Action and a doctor who believed in caring for her patients, with love, hope and respect for the person.  Through her life she was taught to have great faith and trust in all that God had planned for her.  This trust in God would eventually call her home to Heaven, when she placed the life of her child within the womb before her own.  

These two saints that we honor today can give us that hope and trust that we need as we place our very own lives in Our Lady’s hands.  She is our hope, she is the one who trusted the father first and we should also do the same.  Let us follow these two saints who are a great sign of hope for us today.

God bless you!
Consecration to Mary                                              St. Gianna                                                                        

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