A Prayer for Healing to St. André Bessette

“People who suffer have something to offer to God. When they succeed in enduring their suffering, that is a daily miracle.”  Bro. André, I come to you in prayer for healing.

                     (state your need)

You were no stranger to illness.  Plagued by stomach problems, you knew suffering on a daily basis, but you never lost faith in God.  Thousands of people have sought your healing touch as I do today.  Pray that I might be restored to health  in body, soul, and mind.  With St. Joseph as my loving Protector, strengthen my faith and give me peace that I might accept God’s will for me no matter the outcome.  Amen.

7 thoughts on “A Prayer for Healing to St. André Bessette

  1. A 20 week old little girl is scheduled to be aborted this Thursday, Mar. 22, 2012. Please, please, please be in prayer for this baby girl and her mother, who is adamantly opposed to adoption and strongly commited to aborting her 20 week old daughter. Please pray for softening of the mother’s heart and soul, and for the help she needs to be provided for both herself and her child. There has been a request for fasting for this intention, for those who are able to do so.


  2. I beg the intercession of healing for my 5 month old grandson, Aaron Michael
    Olive who they believe is almost totally blind ( a genetic inherited gene) It is
    one of 4 case scenarios – the worst is that he could be totally blind in two years.
    The best case is that he will go blind by 18 because of a fluk gene inherited by
    both sides of the family. We pray for a miracle but more importantly, for acceptance of God’s Holy Will.


  3. Please pray for the healing of my mom form colon cancer that has spread–she believes in you and your healing intercession


  4. I pray to Saint Andre’, because he is the greatest healer and he especially loves children . Baby ADA is in need of your cure, Brother Andre. and St. Joseph’s intercession in this answer to a prayer. Ada is in a hospital’s special care Unit, and has been there since her birth months ago. Her twin brother did not survive and is in the Blessed Mother’s nursery in Heaven.Ada is on a respirator because her lungs are not fully developed.. and they need to be so she can breathe on her own, and go home. I pray with all of my heart, Saint Andre’ for your intercession healing her.. You can see her now, and watch over her. and heal her… For this our family will be truly grateful. and will spread your name for others to follow. With love, gratitude and faith in you, I am Patricia Mary McNamara Cassidy


  5. Thank you Brother Andre for the gift of healing for my son from crohns. A beautiful gift with the intercession of our Heavenly Father. May God continue to give the fly the gift of good health, peace and love.


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