The Body of Christ in the Infertile World of Suffering

Hello, hello, hello!  

I just came across this article today, wow is all I can truly say.  God is so good to His children.

In my own past I have to say the cross of infertility was very lonely. Through much prayer and suffering I now see that God aloud a greater good to come about. A community of strong Catholic women along with their husbands to stand firm in our beliefs as Catholics.  I am so proud to call you all my sisters in Christ Jesus.  

Keep standing strong ladies, God has a gift for you waiting to unfold!

Your sister in Christ,


Catholic women struggling with infertility form online community

They blog about trials of being unable to conceive and offer each other support

By Eddie O’Neill – OSV Newsweekly, 1/9/2011
They are faithful Catholic women who tell a similar story. They are newly married and eager to start a family. 
Yet as three months turns into six months and then into a year or longer, these hopeful mothers-to-be become painfully aware that starting a family will not be easy. They have discovered they are probably suffering from infertility.   read more….

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