The Fourth Sorrow- Mary meets Jesus of the way to Calvary

The Fourth Sorrow

4. The meeting of Jesus and Mary on the Way of the Cross: “And there followed Him a great multitude of people, and of women, who bewailed and lamented Him.” – Luke XXIII, 27.

Dear Little hearts,

Who can fail to be moved by this mystery, the meeting of Mary and Jesus on the way to Calvary… the eyes have their own language even though not a word passes from the lips….they can convey compassion, love, support, warmth. The gaze exchanged between those who love one another under and in any circumstance–speak!

The burdens are shared simply by being with the other….

Sometimes this is all we have to give to another weighed down by a great Cross, but they can bring that same comfort that Marys comfort brought to Jesus….

Faithfulness is so, so beautiful, faithfulness to what love has pledged us to. No matter what befall us…….

The eyes are the mirror of the very soul, may all see in your eyes… the Mercy, the Love, the Compassion of Christ….Man comes to understand so much of God through his human experiences….Pray to be a mirror of that divine love to others!!

Love Mary!… She is loveable, faithful, constant. She will never let herself be outdone in love, but will ever remain supreme. If you are in danger, she will hasten to free you. If you are troubled, she will console you. If you are sick, she will bring you relief. If you are in need, she will help you. She does not look to see what kind of person you have been. She simply comes to a heart that wants to love her. She comes quickly and opens her merciful heart to you, embraces you and consoles and serves you. She will even be at hand to accompany you on the trip to eternity – St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

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