Let’s get ready to celebrate the feast of Saint Nicholas!!!

Let’s get ready for a celebration of faith and hope!!!!

Tomorrow being the feast of St. Nicholas I do believe
we should turn our hearts to faithful traditions, something
to keep our minds busy and thinking of ways to help
someone who may have less then we do…

Let’s get cooking!!!

Mulled Bishops Wine

1 bottle claret
6 cloves
4 cinnamon sticks

Break cinnamon into small pieces. Simmer wine, cloves, and cinnamon for about 5 minutes. Strain wine. Serve Hot.

  • Dinner is served by candle light. It is good for all of us to have traditions and rituals in the home, and also to serve the same special “St. Nicholas Day Dinner” each year on this Feast. Here’s one idea:


Traditional St. Nicholas Day Dinner
4-6 lb. pork shoulder roast – stuffed with:

1/2 cup diced fresh cranberries, 1 apple, diced,

2/3 cup prunes cut into bits,

1/2 – 2/3 cup raisins.

Bake in oven for about 3 – 3 1/2 hours at 350 degrees.

Or cook in crock pot all day slowly. (Serves 8)

Mashed potatoes and gravy
Dinner rolls

Can be bought already made / or can be easily baked at home

– 1 roll refrigerated brownie cookie dough
– 1(21 ounce ) can of cherry pie filling
– 1/4 cup sliced almonds
– chocolate or fudge sauce

To make: divide brownie dough in half. Spread 1/2 in an 8″ round cake pan (greased). and the other 1/2 in a second 8″ round cake pan. (greased)

Bake as directed.

Cool both cakes. Place one cake on decorated plate.

Pour 1/2 of the thick chocolate or fudge sauce over the bottom cake and then cover with 1/2 the can of cherries.

Place other brownie cake on top. Refrigerate. Right before serving, pour remainder of Chocolate/fudge sauce over top. Cover with remainder of cherries and almonds. Serve with lots of whipped cream.!

Note – the reason for the cherries in the middle of the cake as well as for the fruit stuffing in the shoulder pork roast, is to symbolize the good works of St. Nicholas – some hidden from the eyes of men and some done openly. This cake serves as a reminder that our lives should be the same in this regard.

More recipes

Let us know how your dinner turns out!!!

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