Preparing for the Memorial of Saint Hannah

As we prepare for the memorial feast of Saint Hannah, it has entered my heart that we should consider praying the novena to Saint Ann. Saint Ann and Saint Joachim also struggled with the long period of waiting for their child Mary (Our Most Blessed Mother). If you take time to meditate on the life of St. Hannah in the Old Testament and what she did with Samuel when he reached the age of 3 and the story of St. Ann and where Mary went as a young girl, you will see that each child was given back to God the Father and placed in the Temple of the Lord. This is a lesson to all of us to give our gifts to Our Lord and consecrate our children to him before they are conceived and place them in His hands once they are with us.

St. Hannah
feast December 9th

Please do not feel burdened that you must accomplish every novena on this site. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and accomplish that which gives you peace of mind.

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