Clareway, announcing YouTube debut!

Our beautiful prayer warriors from the Poor Clare Colettine Community in Wales have something that they would like to share with you….





Come with us the Clareway!!
Announcing YouTube debut!
Ty Mam Duw Poor Clare Colettine Community
Upper Aston Hall Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3En WALES GB




Praised be Jesus Christ!
Dear Claresharers, and pilgrims with Saint Clare.
Peace be with you all!
Continuing our weekly reflections on Clare in our daily life.
Number 3.
“We look to the law of love, that is, at the heart of the Gospel, in those commandments first revealed in the old Covenant and endorsed by Christ in the new, in the Beatitudes and in the evangelical counsels that are all summed up in the new commandment that Jesus offers us on his last night on earth after he has given us his body and blood; love one another as I have loved you “.
When St Francis and other great saints wanted to know about God it was to the Gospel that they turned. It is in the Gospel that we find out how Jesus loves us, so it is to the Gospel we must turn to find out how we are to love as he loved us. ” God loved the world so much that he gave us his only Son” The Gospel way is the way of love , the way in which we find our true freedom and our true happiness.
In the Gospel we find the structures on which we can build our lives securely and we can learn how to relate to God and our neighbor.
It is in the Beatitudes that we find the recipe for life. Happiness is a deep desire that has been planted within each one of us by God himself and it is God alone that can fully fulfil this desire we have.
When we ponder and pray on the Beatitudes we come to see Jesus , his promises, his charity , and his loving face. “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.
We come in prayer into the presence of God who made us in love, to the one whom we can surrender ourselves with complete confidence, we can entrust to him all our deep longings, our joys and sorrows, and worries of each day. ” Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy”.
Praise God for his mercy towards us, how we yearn sometimes for mercy to be shown in our own lives and in our world, Come Holy Spirit enlighten me as I ponder and pray each day one of the beatitudes, let me know the joy of the Lord in my heart and share his peace with all I meet.
It gives us great joy to be able to tell that we are now on U Tube, as from yesterday! If you would like to view the video clip please go to:


Your loving little Poor Clare Sisters


Prayer Intentions


For all sick children
For those who are find it difficult to bring to birth a child.
For those in the early fragile stage of pregnancy.
For those who have lost a child
For those who long to conceive a child.
St Colette pray for them.
For the unemployed
For those whose jobs are under threat.
For all in financial difficulties
St Joseph pray for them
For all in active service in Afghanistan and Iraq
For the maimed and injured
For families and friends who have a father, brother serving abroad
For all those working for peace.
For Grace and enlightenment for those who make decisions that affect the lives of thousands.
Saint Francis pray for them
For all Claresharers, their families and friends
For all united to us through, Christian Prayer.
St Clare for them

Dear All,
We are so grateful to God for all of you that are united to us praying Christian Prayer.
We would like to remind you, especially those who are new to praying the hours, if you have any problem at all with your daily office, please write to us, it is a pleasure to help you in anyway that we can.
Christian prayer is an excellent one volume publication of the Divine Office, good clear print and retails in America at $37-38 dollars.
If you reside in the UK they can be obtained through contacting us at Ty Mam Duw.
(£20 including postage)
We have been already sending out modest daily thoughts on the Office, to some men and women , who pray Christian Prayer with us.
If we wish to receive this daily thought please let us know. God reward you.
Details of Christian Prayer:
  • Christian Prayer
  • Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company (December 1999)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0899424064

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