God’s on line Medical Centre ~ part VII

More reflections from the Poor Clare Colettine’s

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus is the youngest trained Doctor at Gods Medical Centre, the Church, who underwent the most profoundest trainings, Dr Therese was immersed, saturated in the texts of Gods healing Book, the Bible….. this was her text book, her medicine Chest, out of which she drew all manner of medications and applied them to give life to souls.

We may not all be called to be doctors but we can all be paramedics, life savers, by immersing ourselves in the wisdom of the Holy Gospel and Psalms and offering both in prayer and factually the treatments that are learnt within. Because in the final analysis we should all be healers and lovers.

The primary source of her spiritual experience and her teaching is the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments. She herself admits it, particularly stressing her passionate love for the Gospel (cf. Ms A, 83v·). Her writings contain over 1,000 biblical quotations: more than 400 from the Old Testament and over 600 from the New.

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