God’s on line Medical Centre ~ part VI

You have now been introduced, or let us say reminded as to who are the main healers and source’s of healing at God’s medical Centre.

There are also major Consultants, deeply esteemed Doctors whom the God’s Medical centre, the Church have actually named, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH… To date 33 men and women have been named Doctors. This means that their teaching and example contain that which can be instrumental to healing for many human ills. The origin of their medical knowledge is God and each had devoured his healing, medical manual, THE HOLY BIBLE… each lived by what they found therein and with JOY!

The last to be appointed in 1997 was Saint Therese of Lisieux 1873-1897, she had been given the profound title of DOCTOR AMORIS!!! The doctor of love, what greater accolade could have been given by the Church, the Medical Centre, than this???

To be a specialist in LOVE….And her way was that of a spiritual childhood, a path of littleness, truth and trust…God enabled her to diagnose the sickness of the human soul because she perceived the human person with love….

Look at these beautiful words…

“But the procession of the Blessed Sacrament was what I loved best,

for I could scatter flowers beneath the feet of God!

I used to throw them up high into the air before they

fell and when my rose petals touched

the monstrance my happiness was complete.”

The Little Flower

O My Jesus!!!

May I too scatter the petals
of my love
before your Holy Presence,

I adore you and love you!!!

Only in you
will my soul
ever find rest!!!

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