Meditation from the Poor Clare Nuns ~ October 13

Mother of Good Counsel (pray for us). This is a beautiful and consoling title for Mary, and one we know from experience that it is so true. The Mother who loves us, prays for us, cares for us will always give us ‘good counsel’ if we go to her.

We may attempt to find answers, solutions to many of our problems and sufferings in many different places and with many different people. But ultimately the best counsel we can receive is from Mary. She whose son is called, WONDERFUL Counsellor, Mighty God, PRINCE OF PEACE!!! Because what ever she guides us to do in prayer will be for our good and the glory of her son, Jesus. No advice could be better!! What does she say to us? Do whatever he tells you! …. not what we think, what others think, but what he tells us…. this we can discern in prayer and through the revelation of Holy Scripture and the beautiful teachings of the Church.

Let our advisors be few but rather go straight to the hearts of our Blessed Mother and our Most Holy Jesus!!!! Mother of Good counsel pray for us to have the wisdom to know where true life is!!!! only in your SON. The counsel we receive may not be what we want to hear but if we are obedient to Gods word all good will ultimately come out of every situation. Cast all your cares, burdens into the lap of Mary and seek Gods will through and with her for your life.

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