Pondering Our Lady of Loreto

Dearest of mothers, pray for us.
Model of motherhood prayer for us.

Continuing our reflection on the litany of Loreto we now come to the invocation that we know by experience to be so very true !

Dearest of Mothers, of whom all other motherhood, biological and spiritual have their source and inspiration.
The expectation of becoming a mother for the first time can be daunting, and for certain temperaments, a fearful one, albeit there is within it a divine joy, a joy that comes from God that new life has been conceived.

We look to Mary as the perfect example and model of Motherhood, her attitude despite her initial perplexity and holy fear of welcoming her unborn child with all her heart.Of giving time and herself to the young dependant Jesus, for the giving of her body, her heart to the time Christ Child.
For all the humble services, all the little acts of love that pertain to parenthood. For being ‘ present ‘ and not absent to his needs, and as he grew up supporting his ‘mission’ even though at times she did not understand it.
For the giving of herself, her time with all the sacrifices that involved that he would grow and become fully human and independent in his own right.
For the willingness to let this priceless treasure Jesus in one sense go to do his Fathers will.
For the example of her tender and most beautiful love for her spouse Joseph radiate to allow Gods son to know the beauty of a human family.

For being faithful, constant to her son in his Passion and that supreme sharing….. death… for her fidelity to the end ! despite all the pain and suffering she experienced from seeing the agony both mental and physical of her son.
For her faithfulness to his beliefs and ideals after he had passed from this life..her life was spent for him, she did not look for reward but only to be that love which believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things…. This is such a mirror for us all, yes, Model of motherhood pray for us.

The Poor Clare Colettine Sisters

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