Letter for Life

Dearest Little hearts,

We are on the verge of World wide Rosary day, a day set apart by the Universal Church for prayer, turning in a special way to Mary Our Mother and Queen for aid.

Let us prepare our own hearts today by repentance for our failures to respond to the love of God and our failures in our lack of response to serve and love others….. thus bringing our hearts into tune with the spirit of the day and entering into this great song of prayer.

All around the world, parishes, communities, families, individuals in every walk of life will be praying in some degree.the Rosary…It is not the amount of prayers we offer to God but the love that motivates them , so let us give it our full attention in as far as we can in our struggling and often distracted humanity.

Here at the monastery we will be having a day set apart for this praying of the Rosary with continuous Exposition and the praying of our hours. Join us in spirit, we have the greatest weapons in our hands against evil, the Rosary and our hours ( the Word of God) let us use them to the full and PRAY FOR LIFE, FOR PEACE WITH JUSTICE….. let us support the 40 day campaign for life with prayer, because without it all the plans of men will fall upon a barren wayside.

Let us offer to our heavenly Mother the rose of our love, our very hearts for souls !!

Ty Mam Duw

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