Blessed Carlos Acutis, pray for us

1 thought on “Blessed Carlos Acutis, pray for us

  1. I prayed on year 2020 to Carlo Acutis after reading about his amazing and inspiring life. I ask him to help me and my husband conceive a second child because I had a miscarriage earlier and it was very difficult to conceive for us. I had 2 intrauterine insaminations with no results, so I prayed to him to help us. After a few months praying we ended up conceiving in a natural form… I couldn’t believe it. I presented a little implantation bleeding on the October 9 and 10th 2020, and then on October 12th a white fluid, that day I knew I was expecting a baby. After that I thanked him and I was searching on internet more about Carlo Acutis when I found out that on October 10th he was beatified and that on October 12th he is celebrated (exactly the dates I knew I was pregnant). For me this was more than clear that he helped me, it was very emotional. On June 4th my baby boy was born. I think he looks a little bit like Carlo Acutis or at least he reminds me of him… Same eyes and same color hair. Couldn’t be more grateful.


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