Our Lady, Our Mother

The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears

You are invited to pray the Perpetual Novena in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Marian Movement of Priests:http://www.mmp-usa.net/main.html
Act of Consecration for the Laity: http://www.mmp-usa.net/consecrate_eng_laity.html

“To be consecrated to me means to let yourself be led by me. It means to entrust yourself to me, like a child who lets itself be led by its mother.” “You must therefore accustom yourself to a new way of thinking, to a new way of acting. It is not your place to think of what is best for you; do not be making plans of building your tomorrow…” “…it is enough for you to say just as a little child: ‘Mother, I trust you, I let myself be led by you. Tell me: what must I do?’ “

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