Morning Reflection – St. Barbara

Dear Lord, we thank You for giving us Your martyr, St. Barbara, as an example of virtue. Help us to imitate the strong courage she showed in refusing to renounce her faith despite torture and great suffering. St. Barbara, you knew that your decision to become a Christian could cause you much suffering at the hands of those in your society who hated Christians. Your own father tried to strike you with a sword when he learned of your conversion. When he turned you over to the prefect of the city, you underwent great sufferings. You had the opportunity to escape your sufferings by renouncing your faith. But you did not give in. Instead, you faced your sufferings and ultimately your death with great courage and faith. Pray for me, that I may be as courageous in holding fast to my faith as you were. Pray that I won’t let my fears stop me from following Christ and following your example. Amen

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