Reflection – Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur

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“In Cruce Vita” (“In the Cross is Life”)

Greetings from Pittsburgh on this the eve of the anniversary of Elisabeth’s birth! We will be joined with many in prayers tomorrow. Four masses will be said in the United States for the cause for Elisabeth. We will be attending the early morning mass at the Pittsburgh Oratory which will be said for the cause.

We have missed our monthly reflections, but enjoyed a good rest these past few months. This will be the first October in a few years that we will not spend time in France working on the cause for Elisabeth. We continue to pray that God’s will for her cause be revealed.

I will miss praying at Elisabeth’s tomb. When I pray to Elisabeth I often imagine myself in front of her tomb and reflect on the words on the tomb – “In Cruce Vita” (“In the Cross is Life”). I especially have been thinking about these words as I and a number of our closest supporters are in the midst of challenging health issues. Elisabeth often wrote of joining herself to Christ in all her sufferings and especially when she suffered physically. I borrowed some of the following words of Elisabeth in my own prayers recently and share these for this month’s reflection.

January 9, 1914
Six months of suffering: painful suffering of the body, suffering of the soul, deprivations of all sorts, much pain and humiliation. Oh, so long as it is the divine response to me – is it not so, Lord? And so long as nothing of my pain is lost! Stronger than my poor action, stronger than my imperfect prayer, may it reach your Heart, and become the most effective form of supplication. Do not delay; listen my God, to these desires you know so well. Give great, Christian happiness to these beloved children and make all of them holy. Quickly finish the interior conversion and profound sanctification that I so desire. Unite with mine the souls of all I love, the one I love best of all, and end this sad spiritual isolation that weighs on me so much. And then make me holy, too, through this suffering; bring me close to your heart and teach me to love and serve you better.

I resolve (asking for your grace) in the future to give in no more to the lapses I have had in my most painful hours, to be always be gentle, unassuming, full of love.

Help me, dear Savior.

Prayer Requests
We continue to receive and share prayer requests we receive from around the world. The prayer requests are available on the following page.

With our prayers,
Jennifer and Joe

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