Reflection – Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur

Give Us This Day – Reflection for Saturday, October 12th

Shared from EL Circle of Friends

Leave Nothing Undone

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.

[T]here is no neutrality in matters of morality. From that arises the obligation to make a sustained effort on a daily basis to work at interior perfection, because, whether we intend it or not, the effect we have on others will be the reflection and expression of what we are within. Let us create an interior treasure of noble thoughts, energy, and strong, intense affection, and then we maybe sure that sooner or later, perhaps without our being aware of it, the overflow will affect the hearts of others….

Therefore, every life is a serious matter and ought not to be led carelessly. Whether we consider it to be the prelude or a rough outline of the fuller, better life that we cannot enjoy here below, or whether we look at it as a fruit (a very bitter fruit sometimes) and not as a seed, nevertheless, we arrive at this conclusion that every life involves responsibility and we are accountable not only for the evil that we do, but also for the good that we do not do. We are convinced also that our smallest actions and our most unnoticed sacrifices have a lasting effect in time and space, and that we continue forever the good or evil that we have once begun.

As a result, nothing is indifferent in our moral life; the neglect of the smallest duty has consequences we never suspect. This is why we must live in such a way that no obligation, great or small, maybe left undone. That is why we must not lose sight of this desired goal in the clouds, but work in the present in order to attain it.

Elisabeth Leseur : Selected Writings

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