Morning Reflection

Email from the Poor Clare Colettines TMD, Nottingham England UK

Seeking God,in Mary’s company, praying the Rosary

Dear Little hearts,

Yes, sister, I’ve got all that but what about when God and I don’t seem to have anything to say each other and my heads empty and I really don’t want to pray the Rosary, and I feel like what’s the use?

Well my answer to that is precisely this, just make an act of faith and a great act of love, which is simply an act of the will and begin to pray the Rosary out aloud. This is when you can regard your praying the Rosary as a sacrifice, and offering sacrifices is of as much value as when you can pray straight from the heart and with ease !!….. maybe even more value because in this instance you are really dying to yourself and your natural inclination not to bother, choosing to pray, choosing to make an act of faith that God and Our Lady will use your prayer.

Precisely because it takes far more effort at such times as these, think for a moment what this looks like from Gods point of view. He sees in the inner motivation and the wanting of the good even when the feelings mitigate against it.

The great thing about this experience is that afterwards having accomplished what you set out to do you will know within yourself you did the right thing and it makes the times when it is much easier to pray far more precious.

So dear hearts just keep going the best as you can, God is not looking for success but rather that we try, that we show good will.

Keep in mind that all your even Christians throughout the world share the same struggles and when one link in the chain is weak another will have the grace to pray and intercede.

It is a joy to gather you all up in the prayer of the Rosary it unites at home and it unites over the oceans, God bless you all dear little Hearts.

Click link Rosary – Joyful Mysteries

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