Morning Reflection

Email from our dear Poor Clare Colettines TMD Nottingham England

Seeking God in Mary’s Company praying the Rosary

Dear Little hearts,

The Rosary, Prayer, are living things and because of this the praying of the Rosary has like nature itself, its seasons and times. It knows a Spring, a Summer an Autumn and a Winter.

There are times when we experience inwardly a feeling, usually after a somewhat dormant period in our prayer journey, a new awakening to life, and we sense something starting to grow within us, this is SPRING, then at other times we know as it were a flowering of our prayer, we are full of inspirations and words, this is the SUMMER, and then can come a very fruitful time, this is an AUTUMN in prayer, and then this may be followed by a barren

Dark period when it takes a real act of the will to pray the Rosary, this is the WINTER of prayer. We should always remember at this point that winter will pass, and spring will come, where there is LIFE nothing is ever ever static beneath the surface is LIFE.

In time we will come to understand that it really doesn’t matter where we are in the seasons of prayer, each can have its struggles and its blessings, and we can find God in the awakening spring and also in the depths of winter. GOD is in the light (the pillar of fire) and HE is in the darkness (the pillar of cloud).

Prayer once uttered has its own life, the sound waves go out into infinity, into God, prayer although we may not see the results WE WANT but what GOD WILLS is always living and it is achieving something. And on a slightly different level regarding the Rosary itself, the Joyful Mysteries can easily be seen in the context of Spring, The Mysteries of Light as a time of light and summer, the Glorious Mysteries as Autumn, the fruitfulness of God and the intrinsic promise that autumn holds that of holding the seeds of future new life, and the Sorrowful Mysteries as a tome of dying, death and darkness. Whatever way one perceives it it is all spiritually and actually part of the Great Circle of Life. So have courage, simply pray from where you are now !!

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