Morning Reflection – Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears

This morning I received an email from someone asking for a printed copy of this devotion to prove that it is a Catholic devotion. I do not receive any financial support from anyone. My husband and I support this ministry to share the gifts of what Our Lord has given us. We place this and everyone in Our Lady’s loving heart. This ministry has no financial backing but the love from our hearts to yours. I am unable to provide material for everyone and would ask that you print off the pictures below or email me for the PDF download. This prayer was a gift from the Holy Spirit to bring forth HIS out pouring riches of meditation and contemplation in the fruits of reflection on scripture and the riches of Catholic devotion through whatever your suffering may be, united to Jesus.

This ministry has no financial backing but the love from our hearts.

Please help me help you by spreading the fruits of this prayer and unite your sufferings to Jesus at the foot of the cross. Let the Holy Family intercede for your present need and know God has a plan for your life. I have added the Consecration to Mary prayer as I received a prompting after praying the chaplet in front of Our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.

The Chaplet of Hannah’s Tears came through much prayer and suffering, I do not seek anything from this but a deeper union with Christ and HIS Church.
God bless you and your family,


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